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Steven  Shirley

Steven Shirley


Steve is a retirement and investment planner who helps working people in Greater Houston get the professional advice they need to plan for a lifetime of financial security.

He’s someone who understands your concerns and speaks your language – and he can help get the job done.

Steve is a gifted communicator:
Many financial experts speak in a confusing financial jargon only they can relate to. Steve does the opposite. He explains things in everyday English – even complex investment concepts.

After a meeting with Steve, you walk out feeling better informed and more confident in how to plan your future.

Steven Shirley, is the Founder of The Steven Shirley Company. For the last two decades, Steve has been focused on innovative strategies for enhancing and accelerating the traditional investment landscape. He has developed several proprietary quantitative strategies that combine behavioral, fundamental and technical analysis for a truly holistic market view. Proficient in a variety of areas, Steve’s work across his company is diverse and broad-reaching. Steve oversees the development and maintenance of all asset allocation models for The Steven Shirley Company. The purpose of his strategies is to equip his clients to successfully mitigate risk while attempting to maximize value over the long term.